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NET2015 Conference

Tuesday 8 - Thursday 10 September 2015
Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS, UK

Abstract submission for NET2015 will be open in the Autumn


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NET2015 Conference

26th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference

NET2014 has now taken place and registration is now closed.

Information about NET2015 will be available very soon and we will be accepting abstracts for NET2015 by the end of September.

This website will be updated with information for NET2015 over the next few weeks.


The NET international conference is firmly established as the leading annual conference for networking in healthcare education.

25 years of NET celebratory BBQ dinner at Churchill College

To celebrate 25 years of the NET conference we are offering all delegates the chance to join us for a BBQ dinner at Churchill College on Tuesday 2 September. If you have booked accommodation at the conference venue the BBQ will be included in the cost of your accommodation.

However if you are staying elsewhere we would be delighted for you to attend this dinner at a cost of £21.00 + VAT. If you would like to join us for this special celebratory dinner on Tuesday please select it when you register for the conference.

For information the band that played at during the evening of the BBQ was 'Fred's House' and if you want to know more about them visit their website:

NET2014 will be a unique opportunity to share innovation and the latest ideas and experiences with a wide range of colleagues from the UK and overseas. It is for everyone interested in debating the latest developments and thinking in healthcare education: educators, practitioners, researchers and students.

This is your opportunity to discover new approaches, network, and return to your workplace stimulated and with new ideas to share. To take part in this conference either attend as a delegate or submit an abstract and, if it is accepted, you can attend and join colleagues to explore the future direction of healthcare education, discuss new educational ideas and share best practice.

The NET conference:
orange-bulletencourages healthcare professionals to debate and reflect on healthcare issues
orange-bulletfocuses on networking for those with shared interests
orange-bulletencourages lifelong learning.

Healthcare education is dynamic and it is vital for educators to explore ways to deliver relevant and flexible learning opportunities, develop innovative clinical practice that meets users' needs, and ensure the quality of the student experience.


Come to NET2014 and do just that!

NET2013 Conference

You may access the Keynote presentations by Jane Salvage: The Golden Thread: The future of nursing education and Professor Gary Rolfe: Rethinking reflective education: What would Dewey have done? and Symposium 3: Learning to see the person experiencing the care: Exploring the role of humanising care philosophy in pre-registration nursing education by clicking here then click on 'Interactive Programme' from where you can find the relevant talks.

Quote-3Please see more information on NET2013 in Previous events.




If you have any questions regarding any aspects of this conference please speak to Anna at Jill Rogers Associates.


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