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E-learning and online learning

E-learning is a highly effective way to engage with learners and to stimulate their imagination. At JRA we work with clients to develop e-learning materials and online learning from scratch by working with subject experts to scope the materials, write the materials, film talking heads and key video clips, field test materials, review them and integrate comments. We also take away the pain by dealing with all academic, technical and copyright issues for you.

Alternatively, we can convert current paper-based materials into e-learning. The transfer from one medium to another requires a thoughtful and creative approach. Our experience ensures a quality, engaging and user-friendly resource that will engage with your target audience.

Check out these examples of our recent work: 

Solihull Approach online course for parentsSession1 page 2

This course developed with The Solihull Approach: Understanding your
Child team helps parents to find out about their child's brain development and how it affects their behaviour. It includes interactive activities, quizzes and practical handouts.

Resources for UK National Screening Committee

Screening Incidents e-Learning Module

We developed the Screening Incidents e-Learning Module with the UK National Screening Committee. It is for use by everyone involved in the delivery, management, commissioning and quality assurance of the NHS Screening Programmes for antenatal and newborn screening, diabetic eye screening and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. The overall aims of the resource are to examine why screening incidents occur, the steps that can be taken to avoid them, how to manage them, learn from them, and ultimately to optimise the quality of the patient experience.

Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Screening (IDPS) e-Learning Module

We also developed the Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Screening (IDPS) e-Learning module witht he UK National SCreening Committee. It is a training resource for all staff involved in the NHS IDPS programme in England. This module was developed to support the implementation of the new Programme Standards.

Antenatal & Newborn Screening e-Learning Module

Another piece of work we developed with the UK National Screening Committee is the Antenatal & Newborn Screening e-Learning Module, which is a free, enjoyable and flexible cross-programme training resource for all staff and students involved in antenatal and newborn screening in the NHS in England. It allows learning to be evidenced and promotes informed choice for women and their families regarding screening. 

The 18+0 – 20+6 weeks fetal anomaly screening scan

FASP_home_pageThis dynamic online resource, commissioned by the NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme for England, supports     the implementation of the 2010 standards for the 18+0–20+6 weeks fetal anomaly screening scan. The resource provides a flexible one-stop-shop for health professionals on all aspects of the fetal anomaly scan. Designed for use by clinicians, service managers, commissioners and educationalists, it includes core text, talking heads from leading clinicians and advisors, video clips of the scan, a virtual scan environment, downloads of key documents, support for CPD activities and a toolbox of resources.

'I love this resource. It is so vibrant and alive, relevant and maps clearly to the standards at every click of the mouse.' 
National Projects Officer, NHS FASP

Screening choices

Screening_choices_home_pageJRA were commissioned by the UK National Screening Committee to research, write, coordinate, design and publish this exciting, interactive resource which focuses on informed choice in antenatal and newborn screening. Working with Val Musson then at HSHS Cambridge, the resource is in web-style format and consists of eight units, practice based activities, specially written case studies, live web links, workbooks, a trainers' resource pack and a toolbox of relevant information. Screening Choices has been used extensively throughout the health services and has been very well received.



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