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Information leaflets

JRA’s skill and experience means we can create a brand with impact so that our clients can communicate complex messages to varied audiences. These examples of numerous success stories demonstrate our range of work.

Guidance on the responsibilities of manufacturers, the regulator and clinicians with respect to endometrial ablation

endometrial_ablationThe JRA team worked with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to edit, design and print a leaflet to highlight the recommendations arising from a workshop which brought together representatives of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE), relevant manufacturers and the MHRA. This workshop was in response to concerns about the number of adverse events reported to the MHRA with respect to endometrial ablation.


Parent information leaflets about infant newborn examinations

NIPE_leafletThe UK National Screening Committee (NSC) commissioned JRA to work with stakeholders and parents to develop a leaflet explaining the newborn examinations. JRA worked with a group of experts in the newborn examination to develop the content. The wording and design of the booklet were researched, field tested and revised to ensure that the final booklet met DISCERN guidelines for quality parent information leaflets. The leaflet is now an integral part of the NSC’s parent information booklet given to every pregnant woman in England.

Improving health services for local people: a booklet for NHS Ealing 2008-2009

NHS_Ealing_reportThe JRA team worked with NHS Ealing to write, design and print a booklet to engage the public and to demonstrate achievements in the year. JRA identified the key initiatives of relevance to the public and created a booklet that highlighted effective engagement, strong clinical involvement and the successful transformation of local health services.

A key challenge was to present information in a meaningful and accessible way for the population and JRA tackled this with flair and imagination. The booklet incorporated a directory of services provided by the NHS Ealing which encouraged residents to keep the booklet for reference.

Your choice: a poster for NHS Ealing

NHS_Ealing_posterThe JRA team were commissioned to recreate a poster for distribution throughout NHS Ealing to encourage people to go to the appropriate service for flu, a cut finger, earache, chest pains, a sports injury and the morning after pill. JRA organised a photo shoot with our art director, recruited models, designed the poster, and organised printing 135,000 copies of the poster. JRA also provided Indesign versions of the poster for individual PCTs to customise the poster with their own logos and web addresses.

60 years of the NHS: a booklet for NHS Ealing. Working together for healthier communities

NHS_Ealing_60_yearsNHS Ealing wanted to celebrate the work and achievements of the NHS, to restate the core values of the NHS and to reassure residents that the fundamental aims for the NHS remain the same. They commissioned the JRA team to develop the booklet that also demonstrated the range of services available and emphasised a number of public health messages taking account of Ealing’s rich, multi-cultural population.

The JRA team wrote, designed and printed the booklet for NHS Ealing. 135,000 copies were published and disseminated to each household in Ealing.

Breast implants information

Breast_implantsThe JRA team worked with the Department of Health’s Breast Implants Patient Information Advisory Group to write an information leaflet for people considering breast implants. JRA wrote the text, field tested it with potential patients and experts, and created the design to reflect the sensitive nature of the topic. The leaflet was highly successful in alerting people to the issues they should consider when contemplating a breast implant. The leaflet was disseminated within the NHS and private healthcare settings.

Reporting faulty medical equipment

MHRA_faulty_equipmentThe brief to JRA from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) was to create a striking leaflet and exhibition materials to launch the campaign to encourage the public and professionals to report faulty medical equipment. The resulting engaging and colourful leaflet was disseminated through pharmacies and GP practices across the UK. The effectiveness of the leaflet has been proved by the marked increase in the number of reports received by the MHRA.

Widening participation in learning in the NHS

Widening_participation_leafletsThe Widening Participating Strategy Unit was established in 2005 and the JRA team worked with the Unit to develop its branding and house style so that it was readily identifiable and made an impact with healthcare professions. The JRA team edited, designed and published a valuable series of Briefing Notes which were disseminated widely throughout the service.

Skills for Health 

Skills_for_healthSkills for Health commissioned JRA to edit, design and publish a large number of their reports and corporate publications. The JRA team developed their initial branding and house style and produced numerous publications to high standards and tight deadlines.


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